Join Far North Fungi and learn about medicinal mushrooms. We will cover the medicinal properties of foraged and cultivated mushrooms. Each participant will make their own Lions Mane mushroom tincture and start a chaga tincture!

What will be discussed:
Making tinctures- from start to finish
Alcohol versus Vinegar based tinctures
Health Benefit Claims- deciphering between fact and fiction
Medicinal Properties of Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lions Mane, Shiitake, Chaga, and more
Ethical harvesting of Chaga

Recommended experience: Beginner
Required supplies: Comfortable shoes

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$44.00 /person

Registration closed.
Registration closes on Sat, Dec 15 11:00 AM

Minimum required enrollment: 7 students (?)
Cancellation policy: Flexible (Full refund if 4 days ahead) (?)

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