Backyard chickens are great, but if you’ve never been around chickens, getting started can be intimidating! If you’re living in Anchorage city limits, egg-laying hens are totally legal and totally doable, even for someone who didn’t grow up on a farm.

Bring all of your questions. This class will be conversational, answering questions, getting a tour of my chicken coop, and learning the basics of how to get started.

If you already have chickens, this class probably isn’t for you. This class is ideal for those interested in backyard chicken keeping, but who prefer to learn hands-on in a very intimate setting and small class size. When I was first researching backyard hens, I took just about every “intro to chicken keeping” class I could find. I certainly won’t claim to have an answer to everything, but I understand the need to see things with your on eyes before getting started yourself. We’ll go over some myths of urban chicken keeping, common concerns, and the basic chicken 101.

Come with any questions you may have, and wear footwear that won’t be ruined by walking in/around a chicken coop!

Recommended experience: Beginner
Required supplies: Wear shoes that are appropriate for a backyard with free-ranging birds (= ok to step in poop!)

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$11.00 /person

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Registration closes on Tue, Apr 16 12:00 PM

Minimum required enrollment: 1 students (?)
Cancellation policy: Flexible (Full refund if 4 days ahead) (?)

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