This course will cover how to grind your meat and how to make different types of sausage:
– Peppersticks aka Slim Jims
– Bratwurst or Italian Sausage.

You will be quickly introduced to how to use natural casings versus artificial collagen casings. How to smoke sausage as well. The recipes are designed for game meat but we will be using local beef and pork.

There will be tastings, so if you have food allergies, please include in the remarks section when reserving.

Students will take home between 2 and 3 pounds of sausage (about 1 pound of each type).

Recommended experience: Beginner
Required supplies: Apron

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Minimum required enrollment: 2 students (?)
Cancellation policy: Flexible (Full refund if 4 days ahead) (?)

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    Unfortunately I am not able to make it to this class tonight, due to school. Will it be alright to have a friend take my place?

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